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Welcome to the Greater Springfield Dental Society!

Thank you for visiting the Greater Springfield Dental Society website. Whether you are looking for services that are available in the Greater Springfield area, or are a dentist wanting to register for an event, we invite you to explore the site.

Our Mission

The mission of the Greater Springfield Dental Society is to fulfill our community responsibility by serving as the oral health advocate for our 16 county component area.

 Dear Friends and Colleagues.

What an absolute privilege it is to live and work in this community! I love Southwest Missouri and have come to appreciate all the benefits of this area.  Thank you to all the GSDS past Board Members and officers for their hard work in supporting the work of the GSDS.

The past 2 years were difficult professionally and personally for all of us and I am looking forward to the next year and moving forward.  With that said, it is a bit overwhelming to talk about our goals for the next year when many of us feel professionally disconnected in the post COVID world.

I believe it is time to start moving forward with our eyes on what is possible and not on the past.  The purpose of GSDS is to be a support and resource for the dental community in 16 counties in Southwest Missouri. We are here to advocate, connect, educate and support one another and our Teams with the mutual goal of providing excellent patient care to families. The first step in doing that is consistent and useful communication to our members.  Alongside Jean and her Team, here are some things that I hope to accomplish. 

  1. Update Social Media Accounts
  2. Update GSDS Website with current information
  3. Publish CE Calendar and Dates for Fall/Winter ASAP
  4. Connect with Assistants, Hygienist and Doctors to create mentorship opportunities for those entering the dental field

Please do not hesitate to call me personally on my cell phone at 417-827-9478 if there is anything I can do to support you and your Team.  With a collaborative focus, the GSDS can be a tool that enables us to provide exceptional care to this amazing community.

Looking forward to opportunities to connect with each of you.

Dr. Tara Cash

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